grey colored contacts

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Grey colored contact lenses will surely surprise you with their beautiful and natural effect! Although these contacts may seem more indistinguishable, grey is one of the most popular and universal colors.

These Contacts are known to add natural intensity to the eyes and will give you a fine and interesting eye color in the blink of an eye.

Our selection of colored contacts is flattering to most eye colors, especially to light blue and brown eyes. When it comes to hair color, natural colored contacts look absolutely amazing on dark and light hair, as well as ginger and red hair.

Discover the beautiful color combinations and pick your favorite grey cosmetic colored contacts! Our premium selection features yearly and monthly grey colored contact lenses in different color blends to match your style! 

Single realistic colored contacts, Ice colored contactsGraphite colored contactsPony colored contacts provide a subtle and natural change in eye color and make a perfect choice for people who want to enhance their appearance. 

The 2-tone light colored contacts, Quartz colored contacts, Spanish Real colored contacts, feature a shade of grey and light Yellow, and are carefully designed to give natural intensity to blue and brown eyes.

Here you may also find our beautiful selection of 3-tone dark grey colored contact lenses, Sterling colored contacts, Symphony Circle  colored contacts, Symphony 3 Con colored contacts! The special blend of two colors is enhanced by a dark limbal (outer) ring, which gives the impression of bigger and deeper eyes. 

Whichever style you choose, one thing is for sure – the natural contacts will enhance your existing eye color and will give you an enticing look!

All our Non prescription grey contact lenses are suitable for people who want a new look in eye color.

All soft cosmetic contact lenses are safe to use and quality certified.