Best contact lenses

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FreshGo Hidrocor Mel, FreshGo Hidrocor Giallo , Color Blends Hazel , FreshGo Hidrocor Ochre , Color Blends Honey and FreshGo Hidrocor Grey ,Freshtone Sky Blue ,Color Blends Blue , spanish real sky, freshtone Truqoise , Freshgo Hidrocor Marine , Color Blends Sapphire , Freshtone Brilliant Blue and Ocean blue are our best contact lenses.
These best-sellers are very popular, especially among people with a darker photo type. Combine these beautiful blue natural colored contacts with brown hair and darker complexion and you’re in for a gorgeous exotic look!

Whichever style you choose, one thing is for sure – your new vibrant eyes will shine wherever you go!

All our best-sellers are suitable for people who do not need prescription correction and only want a change in eye color.

All soft blue contact lenses are safe to use and quality certified.

These contacts are popular with cos players thanks to their strikingly bright color and black limb ring. If you would rather give these contact lenses the spook factor then there are many ideas to create Halloween fancy dress from ghouls to Winter Walkers.