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What are colored contacts?

Colored contact lenses are primarily utilized for cosmetic purposes, enhancing one’s beauty. These lenses naturally alter the eye color, and depending on the chosen style and color, the transformation can range from subtle to striking. Our extensive selection includes various types of colored lenses to cater to your beauty preferences, whether it’s for everyday use, cosplay, or other creative endeavors. Interestingly, many cosmetic contact lenses can also be customized with different prescriptions. Say goodbye to mundane, clear contacts – why not infuse some excitement into your next pair by experimenting with a new eye color?

Is it safe to wear colored contacts?

Colored contacts are safe to wear when proper care instructions are followed, coupled with common sense for ensuring the healthy use of your tinted eye lenses. It is advisable to consult with your optometrist to confirm whether a prescription is required for your contacts, ensuring they are suitable for your eyes, and verifying the correct sizing and fit. Adhere to the recommended daily usage hours and be diligent about discarding them when they expire. Keep in mind that various products may have different lifespans, so it’s crucial to check this information when ordering and using them.

Which colored contacts are safe?

Not all cosmetic contacts are the same. At Eyeconlicious we take pride in exclusively offering high-quality lenses crafted with care to prioritize safety and comfort. To guarantee the suitability and safety of our products for your eyes, it is essential to consult with an eye doctor. They can assist in ensuring the right fit, comfort, and address any necessary prescriptions. Remember, the safest lenses are always those prescribed by an optometrist.

Which colored contact lenses are the safest?

The safest contact lenses are those prescribed by an eye doctor. (We acknowledge repeating this point, but its significance warrants emphasis!) A prescription guarantees a proper fit and precise vision correction. Additionally, proper cleaning, care, and maintenance are crucial safety considerations. Wearing ill-fitting contacts or neglecting proper care can pose serious risks to your eyes, including vision loss, impairment, and, in extreme cases, potential blindness.

What color contacts should I choose?

The color you choose for your contacts depends on two key factors: your current eye color and the desired effect. If you have darker eyes and aim for a noticeable color change, opt for more opaque contact lenses. For a more natural appearance, lighter tones are preferable. Our selection includes a diverse range of colors and styles to ensure you find a look you’ll adore! Explore vibrant choices like blue and green, or experiment with purples, greys, and costume lenses. In general, individuals with dark natural eye color should consider lighter lenses for a striking effect, while those with light eyes can experiment with darker shades.

What color contacts are best suited for brown eyes?

Selecting contacts for brown eyes begins with determining the desired color effect. If you aim for a subtle warmth without a significant change, opt for lenses in warm tones such as hazel or honey. For a more pronounced transformation, consider cooler tones in a vibrant or opaque style, creating a dramatic impact on brown eyes. The appropriate lens style can even turn dark eyes into captivating shades of green, blue, hazel, or stunning violet.

What color contacts are best for hazel eyes?

If you’re seeking ideal lenses for hazel eyes, especially for those with a darker eye color, opt for opaque or dark-colored contact lenses to achieve a vivid transformation. Transform hazel eyes into natural shades, such as warm and rich browns, by selecting suitable lenses. Experimenting with grays and greens can also yield vibrant and captivating eye shades for hazel eyes. The key lies in determining the specific outcome you desire with your cosmetic contacts.

What are the best-colored contact lenses?

All our Eyeconlicious lenses ensure both quality and comfort, guaranteed. With 5 different series available, you can discover the best cosmetic lenses for you. When it comes to visual aesthetics, choose the series that aligns with your desired level of eye color vibrancy and pattern placement. However, paramount is the fit of the lens on your eye and ensuring your overall comfort while wearing them. If you require assistance with the fit, make sure to consult your doctor.

What color contact lenses give a natural appearance?

For a natural look, our FreshGo Hidrocor is the ideal choice for all eye colors. This series, designed by Eyeconlicious lacks an outer rim, allowing the colors to blend seamlessly onto your eyes, creating a subtle shift. With predominantly opaque colors, the FreshGo Hidrocor Series is particularly effective for dark-colored eyes. However, individuals with lighter eyes can also appreciate this series, achieving a new eye color that is not excessively bright.

Why should you purchase colored contact lenses?

Individuals purchase colored contact lenses for various reasons. Cosmetic lenses provide a fantastic solution for enhancing your beauty. With a diverse array of colors and styles, our contacts allow for subtle or striking adjustments to your eye color. Whether you choose to wear them daily or reserve them for special occasions is entirely up to you. Additionally, we provide special effect colored eye contacts that are perfect for dramatic makeup looks, Cosplay, Halloween costumes, and more.

Where can you purchase color contact lenses?

Select a reliable supplier for cosmetic lenses to guarantee your comfort and safety. Eyeconlicious only provides non-prescription colored contact lenses online, ensuring a breathable, comfortable, and safe experience to achieve the look you desire.

How do colored contact lenses work?

When worn properly, cosmetic lenses do not affect your vision. The transparent center of the lens aligns with your iris, enabling light to enter your eye as usual. The colored section of the lens covers the corresponding part of your eye, creating the appearance of a transformation. However, it’s important to note that this is only a temporary, surface-level change. Cosmetic contacts do not bring about a permanent alteration in your eye color.

How are colored contact lenses manufactured?

Several methods can be employed to produce safe, comfortable, and high-quality cosmetic contact lenses. The majority of our Eyeconlicious contacts utilize a layered approach, with the tint positioned between two layers of contact lens material. Alternatively, some lenses employ a method where the tint is applied on top of the lens material. The vibrancy of your colored lenses is determined by the quantity and style of tint applied, rather than the construction method.

How to put colored contact lenses?

Similar to inserting prescription lenses, it’s important to be careful when putting in your cosmetic lenses. Begin by thoroughly washing your hands before handling your lenses or lens case. Regardless of your experience with lenses, prioritizing hygiene is crucial to safeguarding your eyes. Once your hands are clean, place the lens on the edge of your finger. With your other hand, hold your eye open and gently place the lens on your eye. Blink until it settles into place.

How to properly care for your colored contact lenses?

To ensure the longevity of your lenses, make sure to consistently wash your hands thoroughly before inserting or removing your contacts. After taking out your lenses, clean them with contact solution and store them in a clean case using the recommended storage solution (refer to the specific lenses for care instructions). Some users find it beneficial to perform a weekly cleaning routine to remove proteins.


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