FreshGo Hidrocor Azul

FreshGo Hidrocor Azul

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FreshGo Hidrocor Azul blue colored contacts will make your dream of having beautiful blue eyes come true! Featuring a bright ocean blue color and no limbal (outer) ring, these blue colored contact lenses blend perfectly with dark eyes, giving them a natural, vibrant and youthful look.



FreshGo Hidrocor Azul blue colored contact lenses are carefully designed to perfectly hide the natural color of your eyes. The bright ocean blue cosmetic colored contacts change the eye color in a very natural and attractive way, giving your eyes a sensational and vibrant appearance. Hidrocor Azul blue colored contacts are a great complement to people with darker phototypes who want to impress with a striking exotic appearance. 

Note: Color results of the Azul blue colored contacts may vary depending on existing eye color, skin tone, eye shape, and lighting. The results may be slightly different from the photos.


Material: Made with biocompatible Poly HEMA Hydrophilic material and 38% water, the blue cosmetic colored contacts are safe to use and will keep your eyes hydrated
UV Protection: preserves the health of your eyes against harmful UV rays
Diameter: 14.2mm
Base Curve: 8.6 mm
Power: 0.00D (non-prescription)
Packing: 1 pair
Durability: Life span up to 12 months with proper care
Recommendation: Good for dark eyes
Quality Certified: KFDA, SFDA, ISO, CE, GMP


FreshGo Hidrocor blue colored contacts can be worn daily for up to 1 year. Make sure your hands are clean and dry when you insert or remove your contact lenses. Never sleep with the contact lenses as color contacts are not suitable for prolonged wearing. Always keep your blue colored contacts in a multipurpose solution container after removing and cleaning them. 


Do not leave your lenses in the same solution for more than 5 days.

42 reviews for FreshGo Hidrocor Azul

    FreshGo Hidrocor Azul photo review
    Allison Verified Buyer
    Even though it says good for dark eyes, which they are, don’t worry if you have light eyes, i have green eyes and these look amazing and so natural, the most natural grey contacts I've ever worn. I’m obsessed!
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    FreshGo Hidrocor Azul photo review
    Gia Verified Buyer
    Love love these contacts!! They make me look like a mysterious cat lol, and best part is they\'re super comfy as well!
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    FreshGo Hidrocor Azul photo review
    Randy Verified Buyer
    The lenses are really realistic and very comfortable to wear. Shipping was fast, just as estimated.
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    FreshGo Hidrocor Azul photo review
    Niki Verified Buyer
    These contacts are the perfect combination of being natural but with just the right amount of color! I’ve been wearing these almost everyday and they give me that little extra spice to my makeup I’ve been looking for! definitely my favorite contacts for everyday use.
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